December 16, 2008

the stupidly busy season

So the stupidly busy season is upon us. I'm looking forward to some timeout next week, bit cheeky of me really and I can't really afford the time off but at the same time really enjoying the time out from hockey: Christmas the only holiday where there's no hockey to be played. 

Aside from finishing off what little christmas shopping I have left to do and playing a little Fable 2 and Fallout 3 it should be a relaxing weekend heading into xmas. I have a soft side for penguin related merchandise but this nothing compared to J's duck obsession but I think I have found the best duck ever

Christmas itself should be a bit of a laugh. Staying in Welly for Christmas. J is getting her first experience of my family christmas: 
  • yum cha
  • sleep  
  • massive dinner - no honestly MASSIVE dinner
  • singstar / guitar hero / mario kart 
  • drinking  
  • sleeping / more eating
We begin our Amazing Race on the 27th and am looking forward to a few of the scheduled and unscheduled activities. High on that list  would be sea kayaking in the Abel Tasman and horse riding in Golden Bay and catching up with long lost friends. We're passing back through Wellington and straight up to the farm for a few days followed by a brief respite back home for a few days before we we're back to work. 

November 24, 2008

Why not

I have just reread my old blog and it was definitely something something I enjoyed writing at the time. I guess it helped that I was swanning about the world and had many interesting things to write about, got to make dorky poses in front of iconic landmarks. 

So I thought why not start again - although there won't be such a theme to it perhaps I can fill it with anecdotes, pics, vids and just see what happens, I've always enjoyed writing, particularly in a stream of conciousness type fashion. 

I'm heading back to uni next year doing a grad diploma in graphic design so in some ways this is also a little bit of a sandbox for me to play in too. 

Never one to do things in halves I'm still going to be ticking along with hockey (not coaching so much but still playing)and seeing what else I can cram into what little free time I have left in the day...

I've just recently found out about this game called floorball which looks set to fill the gap over summer.


Its much like inline, I'm not having to much trouble shooting the ball but lamenting the lack of glide but that'll be good for the fitness. I'm also excited about the fact that I don't need to drive for 3 hours to play it.