January 12, 2009

a proper kiwi summer holiday

I'm back at work this week but figure a recap of the holidays is on the cards. 

We headed down to Nelson on the 27th and have to say had a real kiwi summer holiday. Spent a fair amount of it down at the beach - Rabbit Island and Ruby Bay. I've never been much of a beach goer but I have to say I really enjoyed playing in the surf. I also have a new food obsession which is real fruit ice creams - its like a soft serve ice cream but made with real fruit... 

I also got to see a fair amount of the Abel Tasman which was great. I would recommend sea kayaking to anyone. Lunch was definately a hilight as well as the post lunch swim.  

We headed on down to Collingwood onthe first for our horsetrek and to meet up with JP later that evening at the Mussel Inn (which was an inspired choice!). Unfortunately the Mussel Processors were on holiday so no mussels were to be had but the rib eye was fantastic. JP wasn't getting in till later that afternoon so J and I took our time to stop off (almost) everywhere in between. Highlights being: Wainui Falls, Pupu Springs and the beach right next to where we were staying where there wasn't a person to be seen.  

The horse riding was another great day and was the only day that we really didn't have that sunny Nelson weather. In saying that though the zero visibility probably added a little atmostphere and reduced the feeling of vertigo when I looked down from the high trig. 

My horse Monty wanted to be in the lead and would cut off the other horses when they tried to pass him. 

We flew outta Nelson on the 3rd and was straight up to Wimbledon (where the wombles are farmed) for J's uncles 60th birthday. Now lets be honest I'm a city kid and I did my best but I'll be the first to admit that I do worry about getting sheep shit on my shoes.... 

I herded a few cows, treked up some padocks doing as best as I could to avoid the poo and along the way got a little better a driving a manual car and helped pick a huge amount of plums. 

Well holidays are coming to an end and I'm quite optimistic about the year ahead, there's heaps on but really looking forward to uni and learning something new and on that note here' s my new find that is both hilarious and educational: You Suck At Photoshop. Even if you don't have / use it have a look its a bit clever...

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Si said...

So J's uncle is Great Uncle Bulgaria. Awesome!